The Woodland Discovery Playground

Shelby Farms Park, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Project Facts

  • The Woodland Discovery Playground was the first project to be created within Shelby Farms Park, a 4,500-acre public park in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • The playground includes more than 80 new native trees. Some 24,000 square feet of Chinese privet was eradicated. And 39,250-square-feet of diverse, locally adapted native understory was established.
  • A one-fourth mile-long arbor structure is made from 99 percent recycled steel. The playground uses recycled athletic shoe material as a surface for several play areas and loose, recycled boot material as a soft landing under a playroom of nets and tree houses.
  • Enmeshing the play space within its woodland environment promotes a sense of discovery, increases opportunities for environmental education, and cultivates children's healthy development.


  • Urban
  • Park
  • Playground

Environmental Benefits

  • Reintroduces Native Plants
  • Removes Invasive Plants
  • Recycles Materials
  • Improves Soil Health