Viet Village Urban Farm

New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Project Facts

  • Before the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, there were over 30 acres of community-farmed land growing traditional Vietnamese fruits and vegetables.
  • The new farm will use sustainable irrigation techniques that require little or no electricity to pump and filter water used in the fields.
  • Locally-grown organic crops will be sold in a new on-site farmer’s market that will accommodate the estimated 3,000 Saturday shoppers who used to buy foods before Hurricane Katrina hit.


  • Mixed-use
  • Re-development Plan
  • Urban

Environmental Benefits

  • Circulates Water
  • Cleans Water
  • Conserves Water
  • Creates Urban Farm
  • Ecologically Manages Stormwater
  • Reduces Urban Heat
  • Removes Toxic Chemicals
  • Restores Soils
  • Sequesters Carbon
  • Solar Powered