Crosswaters Ecolodge

Nankun Mountain Reserve, Guangdong Province, China

Project Facts

  • Crosswaters Ecolodge is located within a 260-square kilometer protected forest called Nankun Mountain Reserve, 80 miles from the city of Guangzhou in southeast China.
  • The resort contains 53 suites and villas constructed with locally sourced materials like bamboo.
  • A community of more than 5,000 native Keija people live within the reserve. They helped to plan, build, and operate the sustainability-minded resort.
  • There are over 1,300 types of plants in the park with over 30 square kilometers of native bamboo. Over 74 bird species and more than 176 species of butterflies exist in the reserve. All new plantings are native species.


  • Rural
  • Botanic Garden
  • River
  • Trail
  • Greenfield

Environmental Benefits

  • Preserves Native Plants
  • Produces Food
  • Recycles Materials
  • Restores Biodiversity