Lafayette Greens

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Project Facts

  • Lafayette Green grows herbs and vegetables in an engaging public space in the heart of Downtown Detroit.
  • More than 800 pounds of produce grown in 35 raised beds is donated to Gleaner’s Community Food Bank and Freedom House.
  • Some 200 plants -- including vegetables, herbs, flowers, heirloom fruit trees, vines, and berries -- add biodiverse habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies back into the urban environment.
  • Lafayette Green manages stormwater with an urban bioswale while drought tolerant Fescue lawns and a high-efficiency irrigation system with adjustable drip lines conserve water.
  • Broken sidewalk pieces from across the city were re-used as pavers in the garden. Garden sheds were constructed from reclaimed pallet wood and salvaged doors. The planters used in the children’s garden were made from repurposed steel drums.
  • Lafayette Greens also provides an example of a successful and sustainable public-private partnerships. Compuware and the City of Detroit, who owns the land, negotiated a cooperative lease agreement that benefits the public.


  • Urban
  • Garden
  • Re-development Plan

Environmental Benefits

  • Produces Food
  • Recycles Material
  • Ecologically Manages Stormwater
  • Restores Biodiversity