Lily Lake Residence

Dalton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Project Facts

  • The 88-acre site Lily Lake Residence is located in the rolling hills of northeast Pennsylvania on land once used for agriculture.
  • Sustainable stormwater management systems are layered throughout the site to decrease flooding and reuse water for site maintenance.
  • By restoring the natural grades of the land, rainwater now collects in a pond on the south side of the new estate. The pond prevents flooding in other areas of the site and reintroduces an aquatic ecosystem that had long been destroyed.
  • A gutterless roof system uses gravel filtration beds, rather than gutters and storm drains, to collect and filter stormwater. The water is used on-site to refill the pond and irrigate native planting beds.


  • Rural
  • House
  • Development plan

Environmental Benefits

  • Creates Habitat for Wildlife
  • Ecologically Manages Stormwater
  • Recycles Materials
  • Reintroduces Native Plants
  • Restores Biodiversity