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TooleASLA 2011 Student Collaboration Honor Award. Wurstershire Sauce. Chris DeHenzel, Student ASLA; Brian Gillett, Student Affiliate ASLA; Robert Glass, Student ASLA; Rockne Hanish, Student Affiliate ASLA; Molly Mehaffy, Student ASLA; Alexis Opos, Associate ASLA and William Smith, Associate ASLA, Graduate, University of California, Berkeley. Faculty Advisor: Linda Jewell, FASLA (Image credit: Student Team)

LAAB Recruiting Volunteers for Roster of Visiting Evaluators

LAAB is reinvigorating the Roster of Visiting Evaluators and is accepting applications from interested candidates in all three ROVE categories (see below). LAAB encourages landscape architecture faculty at LAAB accredited programs to nominate qualified academic administrators at their schools for ROVE.

The number of people on ROVE will be limited (as there are only a limited number of visit opportunities each year.) ROVE members will be invited to training sessions conducted by LAAB. Any person interested in being on ROVE should complete a ROVE application form and letter of interest and submit them to LAAB for evaluation as soon as possible. The Roster of Visiting Evaluators should be diverse in experience, expertise, and demographics. LAAB will limit the number of ROVE members from a specific school or region.


Landscape Architecture Educators - must hold a first-professional degree in landscape architecture or be a licensed landscape architect, teach in a currently LAAB accredited landscape architecture program and hold the minimum rank of tenured associate professor.

Academic Administrators- must be current or former administrators at the rank of assistant or associate dean, including non-landscape architects and hold terminal degrees in their respective fields. Academic administrators must be affiliated with an institution that has at least one program currently accredited by LAAB.

Practitioners- must hold a first professional degree in landscape architecture or are licensed landscape architects and have at least five full years of practice experience. Practitioners may be from either public or private sectors.

Please read the complete qualifications and job description document. Interested candidates should complete a ROVE application form. Any questions should be sent to:

Kristopher Pritchard
Accreditation and Education Director
636 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001





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