ASLA members get discounts on design software and technology for landscape architects, provided by firms such as ContractComplete, Keysoft, Land F/X, Vectorworks, and Environment by Revit. ASLA has also reviewed free and open-source software available to landscape architects, and provided links to download.

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ContractComplete is a collaborative cloud-based contract administration solution designed to save time and stay organized for landscape architects, contractors, and their project stakeholders.

Following quantity take-offs, ContractComplete offers a secure platform for landscape architects to send out their bid/tender packages for full digital submissions. With automated addenda builder and bid-tabulation we can negotiate and award faster. Automate your construction contract document preparation in seconds on a centralized platform. Easily track your entire contract portfolio progress and documentation right to substantial completion. Quick cost-estimating using historical data and a free mobile app!

Minimize administrative overhead costs, reallocate time for more projects, and improve project communication. Don’t hassle with spreadsheets anymore. There is life on the other side of manual spreadsheets. See you there, with ContractComplete.

ASLA Members: Landscape architecture students and professors can use ContractComplete for free simulations; professionals can save up to 25% for life.

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Environment for Revit®

Environment for Revit® unlocks the power of Autodesk Revit® for landscape architects, urban planners, and any other professional involved in outdoor design.

Revit is the most popular and dominant BIM tool throughout the AEC industry and combined with the powerful features of the Environment plugin, it is now the ultimate software for landscape architecture and site design.

With Environment’s extensive selection of topography tools, cutting-edge retaining wall automation, wide array of planting tools, and dozens of additional tools and features, you can effortlessly model and deliver an entire project within Revit, without needing any additional software!

To help you on your way and to get the most out of Environment, we also offer a bountiful library of online resources and tutorials, such as our well-loved YouTube channel and our User Guide.

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KeySCAPE by Keysoft is a robust suite of tools tailored specifically for a landscape architect’s needs. By leveraging data-driven design you can cut your production time in half, increasing your practice’s capacity for client work. Having powerful planting, hardscape, paving, irrigation, and surface modeling tools at your fingertips enables you to do more for your clients and collaborate easily with design partners using Civil 3D and Revit.

Quickly create and revise proposals to meet evolving client requirements. This flexible approach allows you to customize the system with your own symbols and databases maintaining the unique look and feel of your office standards.

This single solution takes you from concept, through detailed design, construction documentation and beyond including BIM compliance.

ASLA Members: Landscape architecture students, professors, and Universities can get KeySCAPE for free; professionals can save up to 25% off new subscriptions.

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Land F/X  

Land F/X is professional-grade software specifically designed for landscape architects and irrigation designers. Land F/X's Planting Design is organized for complete accuracy, flexibility, and detail control so that you can concentrate on the art of the design process. Irrigation F/X is the most advanced irrigation design software in the world. From a complete database from every major manufacturer, to an extensive symbol library, error checking at every step, and advanced pipe sizing for any size system, Irrigation F/X gives you the peace of mind of an accurate design.

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Land Kit  

Land Kit is a free plug-in for Rhino and Grasshopper that makes computational design for landscape architecture easier. Quickly create workflows that will speed up your 3D Modeling, Design, and Visualization processes and help landscape designers to develop more efficient and fluid workflows. Topo Kit is a powerful set of tools that give designers the ability to design in 3D without the usual headaches of manually creating everything from scratch. Simply manipulate topographic features, breaklines, and mods in real-time 3D workflows. Paving Kit gives you the ability to draft or model detailed paving designs much more simply. Plant Kit is an advanced workflow for data-driven planting designing, allowing designers to place plants based on multiple constraints at once.

Additional game-changing features are also available with a Pro Key.

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Lands Design

Lands Design is professional landscape design software that features BIM technology. It works as a powerful tool for modelling a 3D landscape project and providing 2D technical drawings of landscape projects from a broad range of scales. Lands Design automatically produces documentation and lists of quantities of plants and other materials.

There are two versions of the software that are available as plug-ins for AutoCAD and Rhino. However, both versions have similar features. Purchasing a license lets you take advantage of both versions. 

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Vectorworks Landmark

Transform your design, modeling and presentation workflows with Vectorworks Landmark, the industry-leading landscape-focused BIM software solution made specifically for landscape architects and designers. With intelligent objects, powerful databases and flexible documentation features, Landmark streamlines integrated 2D and 3D landscape-specific BIM workflows all in one application. 

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Explore Free or Open Source Landscape Architecture-related Software:


Google SketchUp - 3D Modeling
i-Tree - Urban forest modeler
Kerkythea - Renderer, SketchUp plugin available
Lands Design - Rhino landscape plug-in
Terragen - Landscape modelling

Open Source Software (OSS)

Archimedes - CAD
Blender - 3D modeling
Compiz - Composite window manager
Freemind- Idea mapping for meeting notes, brainstorming
GIMP - Image and graphics editor, alternative to Photoshop.
GRASS - Geographic Information System (GIS)
Inkscape - Vector graphics editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator
Scribus - Desktop publisher, similar to Adobe InDesign and Quark Express


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