Chapters Host State Advocacy Days

While a State Advocacy Day technically lasts only one day, it will create opportunities for sustained engagement with policymakers. Advocacy is a marathon effort.

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Complete Streets Local Match Waived

The FTA and FHWA have waived the requirement for non-federal entities to match grant funding of Complete Streets projects. “The waiver will support the full consideration of public transportation in the development and implementation of Complete Street policies," the letter reads.

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State Advocacy Day Resources

Advocating to state legislatures is an effective way to raise awareness for the profession and defend licensure. To support this effort, ASLA has created a new webpage full of resources for Chapter leaders and volunteers to use before, during, and after advocacy meetings with state legislators.

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Water Resources Legislation Signed into Law

WRDA 2022 authorizes funding related to our nation’s waterways that addresses climate change impacts, biodiversity, and environmental justice. Throughout the years, ASLA has encouraged policymakers and Corps leaders to study and adopt increased use of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions, which are featured in this legislation.

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The 2022 Midterm Elections

Results of federal, state, and local legislator races rocked the nation as voters largely bucked historical trends. The 2022 midterms set historic records for voter turnout, individual campaign expenses, and diversity of incoming leaders.

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